I was about ten years old when the first guitar arrived at home, and from that moment on, I began experimenting. However, it was in 1963, when I first heard the Beatles, that something in me exploded! Within a week I had every one of their singles. The following year I was in London with my father and I went into a record shop to asked for their recommendation tip for a new band. I left with the Stones’ first EP and I fell in love with R&B.

In 1969 I finished school. The Fholks called me and invited me to take the place of their former guitarist. They were older than me and had done the rounds. They'd even jammed with Jimi Hendrix and subsequently he had given them opportunity to open his show at Teatro Brancaccio. I jumped at the chance, enthusiastically.

In the three years that followed there were lots of concerts, a record contract with the Ricordi label, a first single. Things began to evolve. I began writing my first songs. Cerchi, the B side of the Fholks single was written by myself and Topel. Maurizio Vanelli of Equipe 84, who produced it, signed it because we were not yet enrolled in the writers’ guild, SIAE. After several changes to the band’s make-up, by the end of 1971 Federico Troiani was on piano and Hammond organ and Roberto Senzasono was on drums. In the summer of 1972, we recorded the album Reale Accademia di Musica but soon after it had been mixed, I left the band to go to India where I stayed for nearly ten years.

In the mid-1980s, I became part of a trio called Blossom Child and we made the charts in France and Europe with the single I Pray. It wasn’t really my musical style, but the experience taught me so much.

At the end of 1988, my dear friend, Gil Rossellini invited me to get involved as a composer and guitarist with a wonderful new adventure with the group Effetto Notte. The aim was to create a rock opera. Gaio Chiocchio already had the lyrics and I discovered the pleasure of turning existing lyrics into songs! So we created a multimedia project Il Poliedro Di Leonado (Venice International Film Festival, 1989). This gave me the opportunity to work with some of the biggest artists in the world of cinema: Carlo Rambaldi, Giuseppe Rotunno and Douglas Trumbull.

From the beginning of the 1990s I was writing music for theatre, radio and television on behalf of RAI, ENEL, CAM, WARNER BROS, EMI, RAI TRADE, FLIPPER MUSIC among others. However, I wanted to make an album again, just like the old times. It was due to the collaboration of musician friends, both long-standing and new, that I was able to create Pericle – The Big Museum (2013). The creative spark that led to this album was lyrics written by Enzo De Luca, a poet, and friend, who died far too young. Inspired by his lyrics and a shared feeling, I began writing one, two, three, four songs... in the end I had an entire album. This is the story behind Pericle – The Big Museum!

In 2014, together with several important musicians from the Progressive Roman rock scene (Fholks, Reale Accademia di Musica, Raccomadata Con Ricevuta di Ritorno, Saint Just, L'Uovo di Colombo), we breathed life into a new/old supergroup P.I.S., which is an acronym for Progressive Italy Supergroup. It's an intense and meaningful experience, but unfortunately too short.

I start from there, to write and develop new material with my "old friend" Fabio Liberatori, and with two "new friends", Erika Savastani and Fabio Fraschini. The group works like an atelier, a school, an academy. There is a merging of styles and individual skills and experiences. Friendship and mutual esteem are strengthened. This is an academy in the true sense of the term. An entirely ‘real’ "Reale Accademia di Musica”!
Thus, a new album “Angeli Mutanti” (Mutant Angels) was recorded and then published by M.P. & Records. The album was well received widely including in Latin America, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Canada and the Netherlands.

The good outcome encouraged me and Liberatori to write new material and the now tightly bonded band recorded a new album supported on this occasion by producer and musician Danilo Pao. Although the Covid pandemic slowed down the process, the new album “Lame di Luce” (blades of light) will be finally published by Sony Music in November 2022.


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