We spent the winter of 1971-1972 at my country home in Orvieto where we locked ourselves away to prepare the album which was to become Reale Accademia Di Musica. I had some tracks and we began working on these, and then Federico began to write. Il Mattino (The Morning) and Lavoro in città (I work in the city) were born. The other four tracks on the album were my music – with lyrics penned by Enzo De Luca, who as well as being a close friend, was a true artist!

But as the music grew, relationships became more complicated and I decided to leave. With the album finished, there was meeting with the label manager, artistic director and our producer Maurizio Vandelli. Everyone was happy with the work we’d just completed, but I raised my hand and said, “I'm leaving.” I remember that Vandelli literally jumped out of his chair. A month later I left for India and it was there that I stayed for almost ten years, despite some trips back home.

The album is a varied work: a fairytale - Favola (Fairytale), the bitter separation of childhood - Il Mattino (The Morning), the gift of life and love - Ognuono sa (Everyone knows), an appeal to the father - Padre (Father), the alienation created by technology and the rhythm of work - Lavoro in città (I work in the City), and the hallucination - Vertigine (Vertigo).



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